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the SPS Art Collection


SPS is excited to share with our clients and the public our growing art collection.

Our collection & lending library was born out of a need for world class art in Orange County to serve the public and Dr. Meshi's personal experience serving in the "Visionaries" at the OCMA (Orange County Museum of Art).

We invite you to enjoy and explore our Art Collection in our online Art Gallery. Please call us for the Password to enter the Gallery and follow this link:

We can also arrange to show you the art work in person.

We began collecting art a few years ago. The focus of our collection is on contemporary, abstract women artists from around the world.

We primarily focus on large, original paintings and love color and geometry. The artists we collect tend to use geometric abstraction to approach and challenge normative categories of social life. We especially love art of a feminist bent. Some of the artists we collect include Ad Minoliti, Marilyn Lerner, Laurel Sparks, Bastienne Schmidt and Field Kallop.

Enjoy this work on paper in our collection by New York based artist Field Kallop!

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