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“I have enjoyed working with Dr. Meshi and am confident that anyone she has worked with would highly recommend her as well.” 

Dr. Daniel Amen

“Dr. Meshi is an incredibly considerate and empathetic individual who works well with colleagues and staff. She is committed to providing excellent psychiatric treatment, and her patients have benefitted greatly from her care as a result.” 

Dr. Diane Highum

“I have come to know her as a warm and competent psychiatrist, who really cares about her patients.”

Dr. Larry Momaya

“She immediately put me at ease. She addressed everything” 


“You are so optimistic and positive at each session. I appreciate your perspective from one confident woman to another…you rock! Your sessions provide purpose. Beyond gratitude” 

“I am most grateful to be here. I’m feeling supported which offers me a sense of relief and hope. I’m feeling optimistic”. 


“Pleasant, informative, helpful, smart; felt very comfortable”. 


“Terrific and compassionate delivery of information and analysis. It has been a great experience”. 


“It is easy to talk and open up. The environment is very friendly”. 


“All my questions, even and especially the tough ones, were answered”. 


“Dr. Meshi is very thorough and inviting. I had pretty high expectations coming in and they were met”. 


“Dr. Meshi is great about addressing all my concerns and issues”. 


“Dr. Meshi is very warm and approachable. I also liked the fact that she is cool and hip and treated me like a professional”. 


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