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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Superior Psychiatric Services

Alexis Meshi, MD

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Not everyone responds well to antidepressants and other mental health medication. If medication hasn’t relieved your symptoms or if it causes intolerable side effects, Alexis Meshi, MD, at Superior Psychiatric Services offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as an alternative to pharmacological treatment for depression, OCD, and other mental health issues. Call the office in Newport Beach, California, or book an appointment online today to find out if TMS is right for you.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Q & A

What is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?

TMS is an innovative treatment that uses magnetic fields, similar to those produced by an MRI, to stimulate activity in the regions of your brain that regulate your mood. 

TMS therapy delivers pulses of the magnetic field to very specific parts of your brain to activate or inhibit the brain cells or neurotransmitter receptors that aren’t functioning correctly. 

What conditions improve with TMS?

TMS is FDA-approved for treatment-resistant depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It can also be an ideal solution for people who are interested in treating depression without therapy. Dr. Meshi has also had success using TMS to help patients who have:

The team provides thorough assessments to determine if TMS therapy is right for you. Dr. Meshi understands how frustrating it is to try different mental health treatments and not find relief. 

TMS is an excellent option for many patients who have struggled to find the right treatment for their condition. 

However, TMS isn’t for everyone. For example, if you have any metal in your body, like a pacemaker or a spinal cord stimulator, or a number of other health conditions, TMS may not be right for you.

What should I expect during a TMS treatment?

At Superior Psychiatric Services, TMS is performed by Dr. Meshi, not a technician. 

Most patients have a series of 20-30 sessions, taking place about 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks. Each TMS treatment takes 20 minutes. 

Your first TMS session will take longer, as Dr. Meshi needs to carefully measure distances and angles on your head to ensure the TMS coils are positioned correctly. She can program your measurements into the TMS machine, which will automatically calibrate to your needs at your future appointments. 

During a TMS treatment, Dr. Meshi positions the metal coil part of the TMS machine against the part of your head that covers the mood-regulating region of your brain.

When she turns the device on, you may notice a tapping sound or sensation, which most patients become accustomed to over the course of their treatment.

TMS doesn’t cause any side effects, so you can drive yourself to and from your appointments.

Call Superior Psychiatric Services or book an appointment online today to learn more about TMS and find out if it’s right for you.